The Flyer --- May 30th!

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Congrats!! It looks great!!

Best of luck..

my birthday...

FLOMMA --- Been trying to call Dino for the last 4 weeks.  I wanted some of your guys on the card.

How are ticket sales going?

What do you mean how?   Like how are they sold... or how are they currently selling?

looks good

How are they doing? You selling a lot?

Selling ok for having done 0 PR yet.

Flyers go to print tomorrow.

No picture of Dustin Neace does not please Fabes.

You are so into him.  Arent you.

You have no idea.

looks good, cept for the fat guy in front


Wow, that's awesome.

Its pretty hard to ignore you Justin.



I talked to Dino, I apologize I thought you two talked. We don't have anyone that would be available.

Sorry for the lack of communication.

Send me your contact info if you can. I need to buy some tickets and maybe I can help with afterparty's etc..