The Foki's Version

Hey guys, what an awesome night! Heres a quick rundown of the day and Matts fight.
We arrived at the stadium at around 13:00 and were escorted into our our room where they had everything waiting for us. We had the drug test, picked up the official gloves, and the had 10 mins in the ring to 'feel' it out. The Koreans got a bit crazy in there, so we left and went back to our room. Started warming up around 16:00, and when the first fight started at 5pm, we got ushered into the waiting area. We were fight number 3. Matt ran straight at alek throwing punches, but was cut with a straight right. alek took him down and started to rain down, but Matt was able to escape and stand back up. Punches and kicks were exchanged, and then alek got the shoot, took Matt down and 4 mins in, got the sleeper. Matt reacons he could of just sat there, but tried to get out and mix things up, which cost him. No excuses, Alex used his weight well and got the win fairly easy. Matt has a few minor cuts but nothing serious. He tried his hardest, but thats MMA for you. Am very proud of the effort, and have already been invited back for the Bushido in July. As you can imagine, he was pretty gutted, but believe me when I say that he gave it his best shot on the night.
Once again thanks all for the support.

Then..........we had ring side seats for the rest of the night! We were sitting with the 'Pride' organisers right next to the blue corner! Carlos was robbed in his fight! He deserved the win, but it ended up going Takase's way. The bloke who fought Cro-cop deserved a medal! He was absoloutly smashed in every way possible, but lasted to the end. His corner had the towel in hand, but never used it. Ralph Gracie was on the end of the fastest knock out in Pride history, when he rushed Gomi from the bell, and got caught with a perfect side kick and then about 6 knees to the head. Fight stopped..........6 secs!!! The Japanese went nuts! Ralph didnt know where he was! Ryan Gracie was so lucky to win the last against Minowa. To me and everyone else there, Minowa had dominated, but the judges went split with Ryan. Minowa stormed off straight away throwing his gloves at Royce on the way (didnt hear what Royce said).
Richardo won his one pretty easy, to get Brazil 2-1.
The fight of the night was Norihisa Yamamoto ( Japan ) vs. Choi Mu Bae ( Korea ). Awesome non-stop, toe to toe fight for both rounds.
We got some awesome photos with all the Gracies (they loved the whole twin thing, and all wanted photos with Matt and Mal). We had Josh Barnett, Genke Sudo, Sam Greco, Carlos Newton all the Gracies, team Japan, Yoshida all come into our room for photos and well wishes. Was an awesome experiance for all of us. Yoshida took us out for dinner at his resteraunt, and has invited both boys to come back in 6 weeks to roll with his boys for a week. I have captured all of this (except for the actual fights as we were not allowed cameras) on vid camera, so will have an edited version (minus all the upskirt ring girl shots) for view.


Did you consider sending the boys out both gloved up identical clothing and hair. Like they did with SAKURABA - 3 masked saks all staring down his opponent.

I reckon this woulda drove the Japanese fans NUTZ!!!!!

Great showing anyway and hopefully the start of a lucrative career in japan.


Maybe they just went to fight!

But agree it would have been shit funny! :)

Sounds awesome mate. Definatly a good idea of Matts to go have an exciting fight rather then stall out a boring decision. What can you really do against a guy who has skills and out weighs you by 26kg? I just hope they give him a shot against somebody a little closer to his size.

Your a champ in my eyes matt. Well done, despite the loss.

Their entrance was awesome! They both walked out with the hoods on, and did a wild Tiger pose at the end of the runway. Then they both hopped into the ring and did rock, paper scissors to see who fought Alex. The crowd went nuts! Obviously Matt won, then Mal joined me in the corner. We are currently at Tokyo airport, just chilling in the Yahoo lounge. They presented us with a video of the full Pride this morning. We watched Matts fight and some of the others. Awesome show. The Japanese are really improving their stand up. Hopefully back at Bushido4 in July with Mal fighting.

Hey Dave. Very clever doing the rock, scissor, paper gag as that is so popular in Japan in deciding matters. The crowd would have definitely seen the humour in that. Well done!

ttt and best of luck for the Foki bros. :)

LMFAO @ rock paper scissors!!

I should have the tape by weeks end sounds like they did well.

The marketability of being identical twins is HUGE.

Would like to see one of them in some MW (95kg) bouts in pride.


They could probably make a lot of coin in prowrestling over there.

Hey Whitewhale, you step up and be the one to try to tell them to lose more weight. even to get them under a hundred i had two former sas soldiers armed to the teeth, by my side as back up in case it got ugly (but you are right though).

Page down and it has all the post fight interviews.
Good to be home.........

just watched the fight.... The weight and his length made a big difference.. Be good to see Matt against someone his own size...

"I should have the tape by weeks end sounds like they did well.

Hi Justin, any chance of getting hold of a copy?


WOW!!! Sounds like an amazing experience for the Foki brothers!!!

Big props to Matt for going after such a big opponent!!

Love the scissors/paper/rock!!