The Following PANKRATION Divisions are Full.......

They are full. We can only accept 16 athletes per weight bracket.

Some pre-registered are on the stand by list. They will only get in if someone drops out or does not make weight. Stand By's will be drawn in at 9:00AM on Sunday at the registration area.

Men's Adult Bantanweight 130-140lbs FULL
Men's Adult Featherweight 140-150lbs FULL
Men's Adult Lightweight 150-160lbs FULL
Men's Adult Welterweight 160-175lbs FULL
Men's Adult Middleweight 175-190lbs FULL
Men's Adult Light Heavyweight 190-205lbs FULL

Men's Adult Flyweight under 130lbs has 3 open spots
Men's Heavyweight 205-230lbs has 8 open spots
Men's Superheavyweight over 230lbs has 9 open spots.

All Youth and Women divsions are still open.
Kids 5,6 & 7 Under 60lbs is almost full with 4 open spots.

All the pre-registered athletes are on our Blog.

The touranment will be held Sunday April 6th at Santa Ana College, 1530 W17 street, Santa Ana California

Women and Kids Start at 10 AM
Teens Start at Noon
Men start at 2:30PM

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All men's divsions with the exception of Flyweight and Superheavyweight are now full.

Youth and Women are still OK.