The Foot Fist Way Movie Trailer

Probably been posted a kazillion times on here already, but I did a friggin' search for it and nothing came up, so if you haven't seen it, enjoi.


I want to see this so bad

Lol yes! I have to see that

my friends from high school are the ones who made that movie

they actually shot the movie here in town

shut up, are you serious?!?

robbie and jody hill are the ones behind it

they showed it at sundance or one of those movie festivals-- wil ferral heard about it came and saw it and bought it from them

if you have seen the movie "super bad" jody is actually in that scene where he has the period stain on his pants

he is the blond guy sitting on the couch that gets up and tries to get everybody at the party to come check the stain out

I have to see that.


Holy shit that is great.

"You just come back from working out?"

"No I just came from church you fucking retard."

I'm definately watching this movie.

i can't wait for this shit


Move over RexKwanDo

Thats the same dude from "Hot Rod" I think...I'll check it out.


haha awesome cant wait!

ggod shit....when does it come out