The Foot Sweep Thread 2.0


The Lyoto foot sweep thread smoogy UnderGround Forum 8/23/09 4:17 PM

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First one was getting a little bloated. I will repost the best GIFs

Newest: Assuncao at WEC 43

Underrated. Cung was also great at landing that scissor on most everyone he fought. Then there was that crazy one that dude did to that girl. Not all motherfuckers are expecting it in the heat of battle.

More from Makoto Takimoto:

smoogy - More from Makoto Takimoto:

Judo throwing son of a gun I must say


footsweeps should be all over MMA. There are a myriad of openings to put a guy flat on his back, with a smaller risk than throwing a half-assed leg-kick

TTT 4 some ownage!

Needs more Lyoto...

Also the cage floor at WEC 43 looked like a freaking slip 'n slide; had to have made foot sweeps easier.

androushka is correct!!

Shotokan style foot sweeps are gold in MMA.




I remember Couture having some really good sweeps against Ricco and Barnett.

I loves me some foot sweeps.

I'll work my way backwards on the Lyoto GIFs...



Do you have the gif of Lyoto sweeping Sokoudjou? That's my favorite of all time, I do believe.


Perfect Smoogy, that's exactly the one I was thinking of. That is such a beautiful sweep, when I saw it at normal speed, I wasn't even sure what happened. After seeing it in slow motion, I was even more amazed at his timing and precision. I love Shogun, but good luck defending crazy Matrix shit like that. Thanks for posting that so quickly!

nahh, the Lyoto sweep on Sokoudjou sucked. The Makoto Takimoto throws, on the otherhand, are freaking beautiful!

Like an ass-kicking ballet!