The football

This has gotten really out of hand lately, and it's on ALL the channels. NFL live, the halftime shows, Primetime seems to be the only show that's immune.

They're saying "football" entirely too much.

"The Jets can control this game if they control the football. They need to run the football and retain possession of the football, and they need to put the football in the end zone."

"Peyton Manning needs to find the seams and deliver the football. They're going to need the move the football through the running game as well."

"If Belichick can control the football and keep the football out of the hands of Manning and that offense, it'll take lots of pressure off of his defense."

Drives me crazy. I want two consecutive sentences to go by wihtout hearing the word "football."


I know.. right after I read this thread I turned on some sports channels and they kept saying "football, football" I chuckeld to myself

u do know Arena football starts about a week or so after NFL season is complete right? heehehheehhe just felt a need to put that in there :)

so basicly wht super is saying is that right after season of the football... comes another season of the football

they have to specify "football" because a football isn't really a you can't say "protect the ball"...because he's not protecting a ball...he's protecting a football.

good point Dragon

"they need to control the cylindrical object"

Thanks to this thread I now notice everytime this happens.