My original plan for this painting is a lot different from what I ended up with, but it was intended as an experiment from the beginning. I don't think I'm done yet, but I figured I'd post and get some feedback as I mull over what to do with it.

12x16", acrylic on canvas

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that is motherfucking AWSOME! i always thought that photo was insane!

The Hulk???


j/k, I recognize it.....

Yeah I was their live, that shit was nuts. Although I gotta say wtf tournament are u talking about?

your stuff is always cool, you should post this On the Fridge art forum as well

The best I've seen of your work yet.


Good Job!

I think it looks like Tito too......



e-mail me. I would like to talk to you about a painting.

Rob Braniff /
Freestyle Fighting Championship

you've got mail

Nice work bradu.

Bradu thats my favorite work yet.

Thankyou for my new wallpaper.

I have a feeling that Tony will love that pic! He even uses that pic as his cell phone screen saver! lol

Email me at BZLJJ@AOL.COM so that I can find out how to go about getting Tony a copy of this painting! :) Thanks!

Amazing work bradu!!! Any chance you could post a higher resolution version? That would make a perfect wallpaper, looking for a new one.

NOOOOOOOOO, please tell me my trainer is not associated with Barry