The fundamental difference between leftists and rightists

The fundamental difference is that people on the left seek assumed truth through virtue and people on the right just seek the objective truth.

It is a biological duplicity where the brain is either dominated by logic or by emotion.


That hasn’t been my experience. Both sides are equally fuzzy in my experience. For example, a majority of Rs believe the election was stolen from Trump.


For the most part, the difference between the left and right is having a penis.


“people i agree with are objectively truthful!”


Leftists tend to want government to do and control more, righties tend to want the government to do less or at least not do more. Not on every issue, but in general.


Did you know the USA is the only developed nation in the world that sends out mass absentee ballots? Also, requires no ID. Find me another developed country that does the same.


I’m not convinced the election was stolen, I’m also not convinced it wasn’t.


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We may be getting off track, but what I hear you saying is that conservatives have a fact-based approach to life, and that the last US election was stolen. Did I get that right, or are we getting off track?

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Given issues like abortion, I can’t fully agree. I think in the final analysis, it comes down what bugs you more, lack of freedom, or lack of equality.

Didn’t that apply when Trump won the election in 2016 too?

He only won that election because muh Russia and their Facebook posts. Something worth investigating for 4 years.
This election, however, it’s crazy to assume it’s anything but on the up and up!

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But, yeah. Libs had no problem with investigating boogie man Russia based on “interference with our election” but ANY doubt that Basement Biden won is laughed at.


The US either has a deeply flawed election system that needs a massive overhaul, or it doesn’t. There’s no middle ground really, and if it’s the former, how does anyone know if any president has ever won an election legitimately. And more to the point, if the election system is so flawed it can be rigged by one party, the entire Country has little more relevance than a third world country. Because first world Countrys have democracies

Forsure, the concept of being free to be equal, instead of being forced into a compliance equity seems much better to me, and I am a centrist.

Also I corrected what I assume was a spelling mistake when you wrote equality. The left want EQUITY which is equal outcome. They DO NOT want equality, which is equal opportunity.

I don’t want to descend into semantic argument. I was just saying that a fundamental split between left and right comes down, at its core, to what bugs you more, a lack of freedom, or a lack of a decent, equitable standard of living for a significant portion of the population.




You know centrists, and conservatives actually think the second part too, just value freedom as well. Also they are wary when the champions of “decent and equitable standards” are big government, big tech and mainstream media who push down a very emotionally heavy narrative that cares more about feelings than facts.

Also can you name me one area in the world that doesnt have freedom, but is decent, and equitable for the significant portion of the population? It doesnt exist.

Apologies if anything I said indicated a lack of caring about the poor on right, or for that matter a lack of caring for freedom on the left. I was just positing that, to me, I think it’s which bugs you more.


Freedom can be achieved by simply not suppressing freedoms. Equality (assuming we’re not just talking about equality under law, which already exists) can only be achieved by suppressing some people’s freedoms. One is passive, one is active. They can’t be compared on equal terms.

Plus, people who value freedom, tend to value all forms of freedom. People who value equality tend to only value the kinds of equality that benefit themselves. No one is protesting workplace deaths being 98% male, but that damn wage gap is a real issue.

To be clear, I’m not talking about right-wingers when I say ‘people who care about freedom’.


Cool perspective, thank you!

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