The fundamental difference between leftists and rightists

Haven’t you heard, the election being stolen is just another conspiracy theory! Just like that one about the China virus being made in a lab, crazy conspiracy theorists…

This election was so secure the “winners” have teams of lawyers fighting tooth and nail to NOT have it forensically audited and verified, totally what winners do. It was so secure, the Times wrote an article admitting it was “fortified”. So secure, election laws were changed (against state constitutions) days before the election to allow dems to have an advantage.

That is without even getting in to how it was so secure, observers were sent home and ballot containers were pulled out from under tables and counted with no supervision, or 4am ballot dumps and people carrying thousands of ballots in in coolers and duffel bags. Just totally normal, totally secure and legitimate election stuff!

But hey, I heard a rumor an actual forensic audit is taking place now and will be done soon, so we will can all let those results speak for themself, right liberals?


I’m just confused how US presidential elections are able to be used at all to support one side believing something and the other acting like they weren’t guilty of the same thing.

By June 2016 the left not only didn’t “let it go” but they didn’t even begin to go in as deep as they did wasting the time of the entire country over Russian conspiracy theories like they did for 3 years. How are we pretending like this didn’t happen while using election reactions as an example here?


absolutely bro, if well people say that the election was stolen they really mean there is opportunity for election reform. and if they really meant the election was stolen then the poll can’t be trusted, because we all know republicans are smarter than that.

great points to show how much more grounded in reality the right is.

What lack of equality do you mean?

Hillary cried her election was stolen in 2018. Lol great example

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totally equivalent. the right is fact based and rational.

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“Stolen garbage” hahaha you are a delusional, low IQ clown. Nothing I say is stolen. All of it is original ideas. Something your tiny brain has never realized into existence. Stay in your lane. Dick riding.

This might age badly after the Arizonan audit and other states like Georgia who will follow soon after.

Conservatives have objectionable evidence to support their belief that the election was stolen

  • statistical anomalies and improbabilities (at 2 am Trump as %90 favored to win re election before they simultaneously agreed to stop counting at 5 am in the morning

  • signed affidavits from eye witnesses

  • video tape evidence of counting done in secret without watcher

  • laws being changed last minute

Leftists are narrative driven and will even resort to blatantly gaslighting everyone around them to maintain or spread that narrative. Attachment to that narrative provides them with a sense of social power and belonging, which is why they do it and why women in particular are so drawn to it. They are effeminate and weak people whose entire morality is dictated by care/harm and fairness/unfairness as they view it, tending to have a very solipsistic view of the world. They have a high tolerance for disgust too.

Rightists are objective and fact driven. Their morality is driven by care/harm and fairness/unfairness, but they are also motivated by authority, loyalty, liberty and sanctity. They have a low tolerance for disgust. They are more well rounded people.

Moral foundations theory is a well established social science. When you understand this stuff on a deeper level, you see liberals for what they are. Dysfunctional children and effeminate weaklings with no morals who are prone to all manner of perversions, hence their higher levels of diagnosed mental illness.

In short, any man who leans heavily left (progressive in particular) is a blight on the landscape and he brings nothing but shame to his ancestors, family and community. They are disgusting cockroaches and need to start being treated like the oxygen thieves they are

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Fitting name to this fitting response.

Says conservatives are fact driven when more than half believe in a sky daddy and that the election was stolen.

Can’t make this up

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That’s why the right elects technocrats like trump, bush jr and reagan

This is accurate.

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I don’t think the election was stolen on balance, but you can’t use the election as a barometer of whether people are basing their viewpoints on hard facts because:

  1. The cases never saw court; they were dismissed before being tried, before the evidence could be subpoenaed. All the Judges including SCJs knew that it would be intensely dangerous and anger the most dangerous political group in the country (the side that had burned cities and murdered scores of people in 500+ riots) to try the cases, and they dismissed them without trial

  2. There’s lots of circumstantial evidence (hundreds of security videos, anomalies and testimonies etc)

If a case was never tried, you don’t get to the hard facts of the case, and so you’re left with circumstantial pieces of evidence but no hard data, but crucially, this is true whether the point of the court case is valid or invalid, so you cannot use it to distinguish

Looking at an internet meme and making any kind of decision based on it is something simpletons do.

Cases with zero evidence get tossed out of court

But there isn’t zero evidence. There is evidence, the question is whether it’s sufficient to prove foul play. My read is likely not, but we don’t know because all of the cases were dismissed, including the SC case that was going to judge whether it’s constitutional for the judicial branch to change election laws rather than the legislative - hint, the branches are separate

“Stealing the election” doesn’t mean that they literally made the machines change votes, I think the majority of the conservatives agrees on that, there are some that really think that the counting machines changed votes but those are the minority I assume. Stealing can simply mean that they bent the rules so they would win, isn’t it what happened in texas? They followed the rules and didn’t trump won there, if they didn’t and allowed ballots that were sent after the deadline to be counted he would have lost.

here are facts:

for the most part, states establish their own voting rules. so, texas didn’t follow texas’s rules anymore than any state followed their respective rules. allowing mail in votes, particularly during a pandemic, is not “bending the rules”. no one said that utah was bending the rules when they legitimized mail in voting well before the pandemic.

it is to the democrats advantage when more people vote. it is to republican advantage if it is more difficult to vote. it really is that simple.

the fact that republicans have adopted the slogan “stealing the election” and “stop the steal” completely disqualifies them from claiming the high road when it comes to being fact based.

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