The fundamental difference between leftists and rightists

In my experience. It’s much more important to go issue by issue. Anyone who bases their complete personality on political ideology is using emotion over intellect.
There was a time, when no politics or religion at the dinner table. But…times have changed.

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Right but who specifically makes the rules within the state?

Is it the state legislature or the state judicial branch? Which branch makes the rules, which branch enforces the rules?

State judicial branches unconstitutionally changed the rules so that their preferred candidate would win. This is more than “bending” the rules, IMO

Australia does not require id to vote and you can absentee vote before Election Day.

You’re qualifier of ‘a superpower’ is a little odd.
Russia and China are not democracies where voting matters and so the only real democratic superpower is America, right?

the “bending” that is occuring is taking anything that you don’t like the outcome of and declaring it as wrong because of the terribly sour grapes you continue to consume.

in any election, the executive branch has certain leeway within the laws the legislative branch has signed, the legislative branch has leeway within the constitution they are operating under, and the judicial branch sorts it out. election challenges that span those branches happen every election.

Answer me this, should illegal immigrants be allowed to vote? What the republicans want is that only citizens vote, it is disingenuous to say that republicans want less people to vote.

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it absolutely is not disingenuous. republicans in many, many states and localities have worked to restrict voting for decades.

illegal immigrants can’t and don’t vote. if they do they are committing a crime and should be prosecuted. nothing about any of the new restrictions republicans are adding and pushing for will help reduce the non-existent problem of illegal immigrants voting. this is not a real problem that is rooted in reality in any way.

They are already commiting a crime by entering the country illegaly, what is a simple vote that doesnt even require any ID compared to that? Do you really believe that illegal immigrants dont vote?

Do you have any numbers?

well, there is the simple fact that committing crimes raises the likelihood of deportation. i am sure that illegal immigrants have voted. just like there are other acts of voting that are illegal and should be prosecuted.

Two things. One, not everyone pedaled Russiagate. There was a significant contingent of Liberals and Leftists who denounced Russiagate at the time. A lot of conservatives here would never see this because they only watch far-right news echo chambers, and then CNN to get angry and “know” what the left is talking about. Mostly just to get angry.

Two, didn’t most of the Trump supporters here(including yourself) critically lambast anyone who did pedal Russiagate on the OG? If so, I don’t think it’s fair or even effective to use the “but you guys did it argument”

Just lol - “they only want fair elections!” - strong mental gymnastics is strong

In Australia the term “absentee ballot” refers specifically to the procedure used when a voter attends a voting place which is not in the electoral district in which they are registered to vote. Instead of marking the ballot paper and putting it in the ballot box, the voter’s ballot paper is placed in an envelope and then it is sent by the voting official to the voter’s home district to be counted there.

At the 2016 Australian federal election, there were 1.2 million postal votes cast, amounting to 8.5 percent of total votes.[28]

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Yes. Is that not fitting the definition you want?

I do it because it’s so much easier to do it close to where I work in the week before Election Day, rather than stand in line close to where I live on the day of.

A big part of it is that there are different ideas of what makes someone free. From a leftist point of view, the “freedom” that the right wants is just the freedom to take away other peoples freedom without anyone getting in their way. And if someone does get in their way, the state will be there to do the strike busting for them. And someone is not really “free” if, for example, their child will no longer be able to get medicine they need to not die if they ever quit or get fired form their job.

Truthfully so the difference is the majority of the left are delusional, virtue signaling, & void of reality morons but that doesn’t mean the right doesn’t have those kind of idiots either.

You are completely ignoring the fact that the entire media and Democratic politicians DID pedal Russian conspiracy theories for 3 years. To the extent sitting members of the House Intelligence Committee were openly calling our POTUS an agent of a hostile foreign government. This happened. Every fake story was used to promote and continue the propaganda.

That is great if you and a few others didn’t go on about this but the political party you rep did. The activist media did. Hell, some STILL promote it.

What would be an example?

I’m also curious of what examples he has. It seems like he’s arguing that allowing people to be free is taking away other people’s freedom. I must be mistaken.

It’s easy if you understand that freedom is nothing more than a lack of interference. It’s really that simple.

I am a conservative by default. I was raised to be a good Union Democrat, the party changed and I have not. I’m not as much of a conservative, as I am an anti-progressive left / anti-Socialist.

The very basis for the formation of America was individual freedom. Entirely. That is the sole thing I care about most political wise. We already have equal rights for all. Equal outcomes will never happen without giving up our freedoms for Socialism. Not interested in that in the least little bit.

I don’t care what color, creed, religion or whatever you are, get your ass out of bed and go to work everyday, and literally anyone willing to work can already succeed in this country. There is ample opportunity for all, you just have to do your part, whether you like it or not.

I came from nothing and have never been given anything at all, yet I still managed to successfully retire in my mid 50s. I know folks from many races that can say the same. I also know many who have just about nothing. Choices made and consequences received. It really is that damn simple.

If some able bodied person chooses differently, then that is their right and their choice, they also get to have the consequence of having nothing…as it should be. I don’t care to fund any damn body who is to lazy to take care of themselves.

My opinion on the election is irrelevant, I have always believed in self accountability and self reliance. These are very uniquely American traits to have. Expecting hand-outs is not. Not even a little bit.