The G-Man vs Lights Out

Loved these two fighters during their would've been a badass fight had these two warriors fought each other professionally ...McClellan beating the hawk was amazing, one of the hardest punchers ever, against one of the best pure boxers ever

RIP G-Man Phone Post 3.0

Awesome! Phone Post 3.0

Very cool. I was a boxing addict back then. Had 100s of video tapes filled with fights form that era. Phone Post 3.0

I have watched that sparring session multiple times over the past few years. If McClellan had fought Toney in 90s I would have placed a sizeable sum of money on McClellan. However, looking back now and taking into account Toney's chin and McClellan's propensity to fade as a fight progressed, I think that I would put my money on Toney to take Gerald in the deep waters and drown him in the later rounds via a brutal stoppage. Phone Post 3.0

I think Toney would have won. Man was McClellan a fucking killer. Phone Post 3.0

McClellan was a bad dude. Sad story. Phone Post 3.0

McClellan also beat Roy jones Jr. in the amateurs Phone Post 3.0