The gay shooter is gay

It’s hilarious watching the enormous hypocrisy and double standard of leftist nutjobs as they attempt to claim that the shooter somehow isn’t non-binary, just because they say so. Invalidating their entire ideology.


its reasonable to question whether or not the shooter is actually non-binary based on evidence - but this section is where they run into trouble, many people and certainly that subreddit, from what i have seen, would not extend this same logic (in reverse) to a shooter claiming to be “maga”;

" Let’s be clear: Say for the sake of argument that the shooter identifies as non-binary. It is then still a fallacious and unacceptable argument to claim that their actions come from an inherent problem inside the LGBTQ+ community. Instead we know that the murderer comes from an extreme-right family and that their families political connections helped them evade a red-flag gun law.

With their familial and cultural background the shooter will have been exposed to an endless barrage of anti-LGBTQ+ propaganda. It is not reasonable to claim that their identity absolves the extreme-right from its responsibility in this and similar tragedies, when it is their unending stochastic terrorism which fans the flames of hatred 24/7."

It is fascinating to know that there is a good chance that the guy the thread is about in part is reading this. Obviously not the same content, but that thread about Jack Murphy had the same vibe to me in those regards as there was a pretty good chance he is still hear and reading about himself. It adds a different element to a thread.

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IMO I think the last thing on his mind is coming to this forum but I get what you’re saying.

There was this girl from high school that was a basket case. Drugs, drama, etc. Someone hacked into her Facebook account impersonating a relative and said that she died. There was only a few comments. No heart emojis, condolences, you will be missed messages. Most people will never know what people say about them (or not say) after they die but this person did and from the lack of concern it must of been huge blow to their self esteem. This person did end up dying for real this year.

Got it! Thanks… so you were just ‘sharing’ your opinion on humor… which no one gives a fuck about, coming from a Team Left troll who has done nothing here for years but make unfunny wise-ass comments and contributing as much as anyone to these ‘culture wars’ u seem obsessed with… thanks for clarifying… and sorry I hurt your (and evh’s) feelings with the pronoun comment…

The issue is the angry culture war stuff just isn’t very funny, and conservative comedians can’t survive their audience without it.

And btw… seems your comments were intended to be broader than just about one post from me… but dance… that is what you are famous for doing when getting called out… as always, too spineless to even take a stand about the things you say…

I don’t understand this. What is the trigger here that raises a question for you with regard to the non-binary status? Other than apparently baseless claims that he is doing this to obtain some kind of advantage in the criminal proceedings… or are you saying anyone who claims to be non-binary should be questioned?


This is denying the shooter’s existence! Believe all women and non-men!


Their ideology said there is no longer such a thing as lying?

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Correct. Their entire ideology regarding gender is based around not questioning demonstrable falsehoods.

I am an oak tree.

It is my identity.

You cannot question it.

If you do, you’re an oakphobe and a bigot.


Don’t be an oakaphobe


Holy shit… def meth head. Looking and sounding more like Dan Quinn.

And yes if that were my dad I would probably want to be the exact opposite of him as far as political views. The tards on here saying "well his dad is conservative so shooter is obviously racist, bigfoot maga terrorist are too gone to even interact with imo.


Amy Shumer is hilarious! She makes jokes about her dirty pussy. She’s so clever and funny. She’s destroying the patriarchy with her BV


He clarified… his comments were solely about an apparent ‘pronoun’ joke I made… apparently I have a HUGE influence on the ‘culture wars’ and this disturbs him greatly…


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Why do you hate transwomen and deny their existence?


Now that we learned the Colorado Club Q mass shooter is non-binary and the Walmart mass shooter is black, the media stopped talking about both of these tragedies

Funny how that works.



there is actually a really simple explanation for it - you made it up.

Dunno, because I don’t watch the TV news… but seems to be the case… at dinner last night my F-in-law (who didn’t know about those updates) asked what was going on with those stories because they disappeared from the news.

took 2 minutes to prove they havent disappeared at all, cnn abc nbc all with front page articles and talking about them on air today

oh and for the people saying “he claims he is non-binary, you cant question that” - you dont believe that, most people dont believe that, some people on the left believe that and they are probably assholes. im not going to live my life by what they want, you go ahead and do that tho if thats how you roll.

no evidence he is gay, nothing to suggest he is non-binary other than his layer’s claim, right after he just shot up a gay bar… its common sense to question that. just like im sure some of you question anytime the news tries to say someone was maga/far right - being a hypocrite to “own the libs” is dumb as fuck.


You watched all the news shows ‘on air’ in 2mins? Quick!

On the one hand the guy (thru his lawyer) makes the claim himself… and then you try to lecture everyone by throwing some irrelevant scenario about what the ‘news’ says… we see what you did there…

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