The goal that never was

Amazing.....what would you have done?? What would you expect your manager to do?

Astonishing. How can none of the officials see the ball go in the goal??

 I don't know...usually the other teams heads going down and them stopping doing anything and all the scorer's teammates running towards him is a bit of a giveaway that it went in, as well.

Damn, footage no longer available. What's the back story?

 You may be able to find it elsewhere. Freddie Sears goal for Crystal Palace...that wasn't a goal.

Basically the goal post system is fitted with a back beam of some sort (low to the ground) and the ball hits perfectly off it and back out. The Ref and Lines man think it is a goal kick, but the ball actually goes 4-5 feet into the goal. As you can imagine...a bit of an uproar! Palace manager is NOT happy. They lost 1-0.

it looked like the other team was telling the refs it went in as well?