The GOAT Norm MacDonald moment/interview


I’m sure most people who are fans have seen this, but it’s great. He just shits on Carrot top, this movie, the actress, tourists, etc.

All around amazing interview


Is it just me or did it seem like Courtney Thorne Smith was getting hot for Norm by the end of that?

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She was/is so hot.

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Fucking hilarious guy all around.
I was fortunate enough to catch his stand up set live a few years back. He made it seems so effortless.

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I always thought it was this


I rarely watch late night talk shows, but for some reason I happened to be watching Conan the night that aired. So freaking funny, I was cracking up, and lost it at his Chariman of the Bored joke


VTFU. How have I never seen this. Lmao

Courtney is such a hottie


Is that show " Norm" any good?

I gotta go with Dennis Miller and the gay joke

How do you make grilling so god danged hilarious? Put Norm in!

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Lots of great Norm bits at this link

I’m also partial to Norm’s interviews with Dennis Miller. Miller’s style meshed really well with Norm’s style. Norm absolutely murders David Spade in this clip.

I’m also partial to this one where he goes in on Joe Camel.


I remember it being good for a couple laughs, but don’t remember much about it.

I do remember that it had the father from Alf in it, and the show seemed to go away right around the time the video of him smoking crack came out. I don’t recall him being such a key character that the show couldn’t continue without him, so the timing is probably a coincidence

Great thread