The God Who Wasn't There

Has anyone seen this movie? I am watching a few trailers from the offical website Any reviews /critiques would be good.

Redneck - the movie makes the comparison between Jesus and other figures such as Horus, Dionysus, etc as explanation for the 'Jesus Myth'. I know you have drawn these parallels before and wondered if you had checked out the movie?

For a detailed, though VERY long, rebuttal to the basic claim this is the webs best and most reasoned page.

Very weak movie overall. Just a classic bitter "I had to go to church as a kid" type of guy.

I once read a comparison claiming Jesus was a ripoff of Horus. More than half of the comparissons ranged from misleading to completely made up.

Well Jesus existed, I think that's fairly clear, obviously all the magical stuff is made up though. Sounds like an intersting movie though.