The Greatest Camp

Just wanted to let everyone know that I survived the "Greatest Camp" that is held in Charlotte NC every june. It was 4 days of teaching combined w/ Randori. Over 300 Judoka,Sambo, BJJ, and MMAers were there.
Tons of famous and not so famous instructors that were all excptional. Rhadi Ferguson(2004 Olympian) was absolutely superb at combining Judo w/ BJJ and the kids favorite. Igor Yakimov(world Sambo/Judo Champion) w/ his Russian style Judo is a must for all Judoka. Pat Burris (2xOlmpian and Coach) had great drills. Luis Togno (Alliance)has some of the sweetest BJJ instruction that Ive ever seen.
Many said that it was one of the top experiences in their lives. Just letting everyone know.

cool. the lineup of instructors was impressive to say the least.

thats great... i know that camp is sooo good for kids

I made it there on Friday. Had a great time. Looking forward to next year. Hopefully I can take more time off and be there longer.

Randy give a little more insight so we can get more people there next year.

I know what  I taught and what Igor taught was worth more than a paragraph  :-)

how much was the cost?

The Greatest Camp is a must for everyone. The cost has been about $175 for 4 days which includes lunch and dinner but not hotel stay. Next year it will run thur-sun mid June the week after Fathers Day. Although its run by a Carolina Judo, a nonprofit club, it attracts the best instructors. All of the instructors, at great sacrifice, do it more for love and less for money.
You can find pretty much any Martial Art at the camp including Japenese Jujitsu, Kendo, MMA,and Karate. Each class has a listed time and mat. The most popular and biggest(4 mats) is the Judo, BJJ, and Sambo. We kind of all hang together. Kids are taught seperately for Judo only.

Rhadi Ferguson was the Head instructor this year. He worked us over after he blew our minds w/ easy to learn techniques that will be soon seen at tournaments throughout the U.S. Everybody learned and mastered new techniques that are a must in BJJ/JUDO. Every evening we Randoried or rolled for 2 hrs. Even the kids got to challenge the instructors to some Grudge Matches. Although, Most of the kids were instructed to take it easy on Rhadi because of his adanced age and a pulled Hammy.HaHa.

Sounds like a great camp. Hopefully I will be able to make it next year