who do u think is the BEST to ever grace the octagon. Id have to go with either Frank Shamrock or Randy Couture, thoughts?


wise man

i think frank would have killed him. Frank excelled in every aspect of the game. He would of out struck and out cardioed royce

Frank out cardioed Royce, I dont think so!

imo frank would out cardio royce. look at ken vs royce superfight. Royces guard was totally inactive. Look at Frank Vs tito frank was almost constantly active throughout the twenty minutes!

Look at Royce/Saku,Frank never had to fight that long.

If we're talking wins vs. losses, I'd say Matt Hughes.

i remember baroni on top of the octagon saying that he was...
i've despised him ever since.

ha i dont think anyone would or could argue its baroni! Frank had to fight a long time against Tito and a long time against Horn and he showed no sign of slowing down and displayed the most active guard ive ever seen.

Also lookin at franks past opponents you could rank him higher than royce. Frank should have been inducted into the Hall of fame in that special ceremony in UFC 45!

Good point with matt hughes, would like to see how his striking is more often

i dont think Rickson ever fought in the octogan, but i'd have to say he was the greatest ever.

eva!! EVAAA!!

If you're comin on, then come on!

ha! GO harold howard! so any more opinions?

Royce was the first greatest.

Frank was the next.

Randy is now.

Times chance as the competition improves.

true true do u think frank could give randy a run as his guard is so active and effective and randy spends most of his time in peoples guard?

numba wun

It would be a good fight, but I see Randy winning by
cutting Franks head.

it would be good they would match each other for cardio so it would be an all out war!

I don't think we will ever see Frank Shamrock fight again. I would like to see Frank and Dan Henderson go at it, that would be a war.