The GTA Game Series...

I've never played any of the GTA games... Am I missing out. What's the huge draw these games have? Graphics, gameplay, music?

Just curious.


It's the freedom to perform a wide range of actions in a huge, dynamic environment.

Be a cop, fireman, jogger, mugger, pimp, vandal, EMT, thug, dancer, pilot, ship captain, biker, basketballer, terrorist, pool player, videogamer, gym rat, glutton, taxi driver, sightseer, john, photographer, or gangster, whenever you want.

It's not HAVING to do anything when you turn on the game. You turn it on and ask yourself, "What am I in the mood for now...?"

Hmmm, that sounds interesting. I've never even read a review on these games so I have no clue as to what they're about or the main goal. I just know they have a huge following so am curious.

The following is well deserved.

Of course, in addition to any of that stuff, there are actual goals and missions that put your through all kinds of scenarios, too, but the hook is the open-endedness.

WILLYBONE HAS CARJACKED THE CORRECT... thats the whole point of the series. Its not like a normal game, like u are forced in a linear storyline, that you cant stray away from at all. You can just go jack someone, and ride on some cholos, or go kill some granny, or police, or cause a riot...

Plus u still have the missions of the game to complete in addition to fucking around. The non linear aspect makes it so compelling to everyone.

"Graphics, gameplay, music? "

ugly, janky, awesome.

If you do happen to pick it up.. make sure you play Vice City before you even grab San Andreas

Great description by Willy. Shit, I need a PS2, San Andreas gots me jonesin.

Being able to make any desire or whim happen in an artificial world environment without consequences.

I wouldn't advocate skipping GTA: III.

Whilst obviously the extra stuff in the later games was great, I think it had the best atmosphere.

Freedom to do what you want. It's awesome.

You've got to try it, just so you know if it's your thing.

Cool, I'll give it a shot.