The "guillotine" saved Kimbo!

Kimbo went for the single leg after he got rocked by a straight left. If he had stood up immediately after that, you guys really don't think he would've been knocked into queer street? He got wobbled again later in the fight. He did fuck Gannon's face up bad, although Gannon never looked wobbled. Also, Kimbo looked strong as FUCK when he pushed Gannon into the wall.'s proof that Gannon rocked Kimbo before the takedown, thanks to Keegan. Bluenamer link please.

True, but before the second guillotine Kimbo did the wall charge and held Gannon's face with the left and landed a strong right cross. I think the guillotine worked in each guys favour.

I liked it when Gannon shucked Kimbo from the guillotine and followed up with a punch. That was sweet.

I don't think i ever saw him really arching and trying to finish the guillotine. Seemed more like clinching to try and get his breath back. I doubt that with Kimbo's lack of grappling knowledge that Gannon couldn't have finished that guillotine if he was interested.

Btw i think his body shots had a good deal to do with Kimbo's fatigue as well, those will take your breath away.

Yeah, that must've hurt like hell. He was SLAMMED into that wall.