The guy that I have beef with at work

Keeps calling me a mari-cone in Spanish I don't even know what that means Phone Post 3.0

He's calling you a faggot.

I want to fuck this guy up so bad Phone Post 3.0

Little EagleYoshida - He's calling you a faggot.
Yup. Phone Post 3.0

Background on the beef??? Personal or business? Is he bigger than you? Does he know kung fu? Do you even trane, bra? Phone Post 3.0

Little EagleYoshida - He's calling you a faggot.
. Phone Post 3.0

He's asking if you want to bang, bro.

You've been getting called a faggot to your face by some Antonio Banderas muthafucka.

What are you gonna do about it, maricone? Phone Post 3.0

This little bitch is mad just because I caught him in the parking lot during our lunch break drinking and smoking weed I didn't even tell anybody but yet he is mad at me fuck him maybe I should just follow him home and then whip his ass Phone Post 3.0

Fella calls me a faggot at work in front of the coworkers.

He better duck quick.

Because I can make a wrench fly if he means to make a bitch. Fuckin garages mentality. Phone Post 3.0

Fuck his ass OP Phone Post 3.0

First of all, what kind of job is this? Is it some crappy hourly job that you can just go out and find another one? Cause if so, why are you putting up with this shit

I work at ups I kind of want to keep this job but also want to fuck this faggot up Phone Post 3.0

Make him love you. Phone Post 3.0

Just tell you you want to see him outside. If he asks why say you're going to beat his ass. Phone Post 3.0

Obvious troll is obvious.

If you were typing it phonetically, it would be somethin like, matty con. Phone Post 3.0