THe guy to beat Machida is at 205 is......

Wilson Goviea...... Mark my words..... And ask those who know.

He will put him away! I bet you if they offer Machida the fight he will not take it.


 since hoger is a fighter............???


i think he knows more than most of us armchaor non greenerssssssssss

"I bet you if they offer Machida the fight he will not take it."

If so, its because that fight would be an insult.

Sam, don't you know how this works? You're supposed to be the one telling everyone that Machida is the best, and no one will beat him. Ever.

Alaskin Assassin,

So do you reckon he could actually "steal" a victory over Machida?

Matt Hughes ...hahahha....Karate Stylists and Matt don't mix well. Peter this would not be a steal this would be a kill. Different sin but same book.

I can watch that knee all day long... because it looks boring (peer pressure from the ug).

I think the first guy to beat Machida will be either Rampage or Thiago Silva.

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LOL, what sort of non-post is that? Admit it: you're just typing anything to get that banner of yours on another thread.

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The OP might be a little bitter...

That is a beautiful JKD counter techinique used by Machida on Hoger.

Yup, Bruce Lee invented basic boxing.


Get Ready to Hate Sam Hoger (Even More)

Sam HogerEver since the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, Sam "Alaskan Assassin" Hoger (6-3 MMA, 2-3 UFC) has rubbed most UFC fans the wrong way. And his latest post-fight interview isn't going to help matters.

Hoger, who was accused on the show of stealing items from his fellow cast members before issuing a vague apology, seems to have embraced his role as a heel since then. I once explained it to a friend that he was like the Omarosa of the UFC. (For those of you don't watch The Apprentice, Omarosa is the crazy chick from the first season who loved to start arguments, fake injuries and call her castmates racists.)

Since the show, Hoger picked up a win over Bobby Southworth (The Ultimate Fighter Finale), lost to Stephan Bonnar (UFC Fight Night 1), beat Jeff Newton (UFC 56) and lost a super-close split decision to Rashad Evans at UFC Fight Night 4.

This past Saturday, he lost a unanimous decision to Ryoto Machida on the undercard of UFC 67. Hoger was repeatedly dropped in the fight, and in the first round, ate a flurry of punches that nearly stopped the bout right there.

Hoger, however, took exception to a Sherdog reporter who asked him about those "big shots."

An audio transcript from the video:

"C'mon. Big shots? That dude hits like mosquito bites. You gotta be kidding me. What do you mean, big shots? Oh God, no, no... no, he doesn't hit hard. OK, I'll give him this: he hit me hard in my ego. I'll give him that, but that's about it. Let's be honest here. The guy hit me with his best shot like eight to 10 times, and I chewed on them like candy bars."

Obviously, this just sounds like sour grapes. But the initial outrage at this video has been intense and widespread.

Personally, I think Hoger is just playing to the cameras. He's carved out a nice career for himself as the guy everyone loves to hate. He's a character, and he gets more attention and coverage than just about any other fighter with a 6-3 record. He knows what he's doing, and it's going to keep getting him fights in the UFC.

Either that, or the guy really is just an asshole.

since you brought it up....why wouldn't Lyoto take a match with Wilson...are you insinuating he avoids certain fighters or something?

 I'm not going to comment on this for fear of being sued by MFS

 I am all for Machida fighting Wison as long as I never have to see Hoger fighting ever again !!!

LOL at this thread.

Hoger is an unsportsman-like douche.