The gza

Where do you rate this guy? My all time favorite lyricist. Extremely intelligent and his play on words always comes off smooth.

listening to Fame, Queen's Gambit, Knock Knock , Alphabet all this AM 

Liquid fuckin swords

Meth & RZA may have the popularity points, but GZA better than all of WuTang guys IMO.

Just turned on Beneath the Surface in honor of the thread.

He the head, let's put it that way.

Top of the line. Gonna bump the Muggs vs Gza record now

"Walk a road the great length you find too long to measure, my clan'll make me rhym line D. Banner under pressure"

I gift wrap the sawed-off, the DJ pump it
March to the sounds of Armstrong's trumpet
Great things satisfied great minds
You want me to paint scenes describe it in eight lines
Check it - Conceptional breakthrough, incomprehensible
Rap that make you, convinced it's invincible
Lease up my words, powerful hazardous
The most dedicated research the data; this
Info tempo is gatherin momentum
A thousand rounds of ammo one of them was spent in
Applied science to vocals we flyin through
Victorious always because I am who?"