The hardest part about fighting, for me.... the sacrifice.  The sacrifice of what seems like everything pleasurable.  Friends are on the beach fishing the sun away, and Im at a gym trying to prove to myself I can be something.  Girlfriend comes home from college with cheeseburgers and french fries, and I just have to watch and wish I was enjoying every bite.  Getting offered 24 hours of overtime at my job (fire fighter shift is $840 for me) and turning it down because I know my kickboxing sucks, and tomorrow is kickboxing day at the gym. 

When they say fighting is the fun part, they sure mean it.  Because the months of training, dieting, and sacrificing can take a toll. I sure do miss the days of reality TV and dominos pizza at this hour, wondering on the UG wondering what TrainJudo or ThatguythatKOdKimbo is gonna say next. 

Im only an ammatuer, who has only fought a couple times.  I really have the MOST respect for the men and women who do it year round as thier job.  Because if I suffer so much sacrificing what I do, only God knows what those fighters go through.


TTT for combat sports. 

Aren't there a lot of people who would fall in that category - not just MMA participants?

 Wow someones tryinjg to talk themselves up a bit, wouldn't be surprised if you have never had an MMA fight in your life, what real fighter needs to get on here and tell people about the sacrifices that any fighter would make and not just fighters for that matter normal people make those same sacrifices, lamest thread in a long time IMO.

Not sure about the negativity from the other two there, but I tend to agree with you. Sacrifice or cardio/diet.

 I love training.  It's hard to get up for it sometimes, but really it's one of the main reasons I fight.  I train all the fucking time anyway, so I may as well do something that pays me for it.

Fuckin' whining!


hmmm....i thought it was teh getting punched in the face and the getting limbs ripped off...but you have a point

 The_War_Machine my fights are on the fighter base here at  Just type in my name, Matt Dawley.  I am 2-0 as a ammy, but havent fought in 3 1/2 years. 

IP you are exactly right, thats why I gave a TTT for combat sports, not a TTT for MMA.

Thanks you all for your posts.  I respect all opinions and thoughts.  I made this post because I am fighting in a ammatuer kickboxing match in Orlando Florida next Saturday, the 17th.  I am fighting at 185 and allowed myself to get up to 210.  So needless to say, it was hard for me to put down the dunkin donuts and dairy queen lol.  :) 

Im not trying to talk anything up, just sharing a side of fighting/training I know alot of people might agree with. 

Sacrificing all that will make your win that much sweeter.

And the time you do get to chill you will appreciate more than your friends who do it everyday.

 yes sir, you are correct Mr. Retard.

 Being dedicated and training hard but having not having any good/realistic sparring partners and being unable to go to a better gym, so when I get in a fight I'm caught off guard when a guy is actually using his jab, moving around and throwing combinations instead of just diving in behind one big punch (amateur boxing, not MT or MMA btw).

Oh and dieting. :-)

Not being able to blaze up before the fight!

 lol, i guess sacrificing certain 'recrational' activities are  also  a great sacrifice!  hahahaha  i dont blaze at all, just drink alot.  :) God not being able to eat chicken wings, drink beer and watch football is HORRIBLE!!!

^^ You can still watch football, it's not very enjoyable w/o the beer and wings!

Good post though. Think about all the early stage UFC guys and the pressure they feel once they get a call up to the big show. Win big and they may be able to ditch the 9-to-5, lose and go back to the work/training regimen you describe.

Live your life, man.

gangsta101 - generally speaking pro-wrestlers have to make bigger sacrifices than MMA fighters

Generally speaking, an apple is MUCH more red than an orange....

Haha I quit cigarettes 3 years ago, pretty much quit drinking. I don't even have an urge to drink as it does nothin 4 me really. Training and nutrition are tough, but the chronic is tougher haha.

 I have no clue what pro wrestlers go through, but i am sure it isnt very fun at all.  So even though its 'fake' I respect them as performers and athletes. 

and ninja mon, there is nothing better to me on this planet than a cold bottle of beer.  Call me an alcohlic, but its my soda lol.  I just love the taste.  So drinking water only is so horrible lol

 lol yes Smith1234, because im a fireman, not a pro fighter.  lol its just a hobby and its fun for me.  I love the test.  And I am passing the personal 'test' again so far.  Just gets difficult sometimes, especially on football days lol.