The Hawkeyeground!

As I did last year, this will be the place that you can express your love or contempt for one of the fastest rising football programs in the nation. Keep your comments on the completely adoring side or of a very rude nature in your posts.

Here is a wrap up of how I thought the first game went:

What the heck is our fullback thinking? fighting, on a thursday night, before the season opener? what a moron. my thoughts: our d-line looked very good. d backs gave way too much cushion. we actually got lucky with the number of balls their recievers either dropped or fumbled. our o line did not look very good. i was very pleased with the leadership that tate showed out there. he definitely has room for improvement. early on he was throwing some passes that should have been touch passes with way too much zip. tate, we know you have a strong arm. now make the ball catchable. i think the spread for this weeks game is pretty agressive. we should probably win by 21at least, but having the line at 26? for an in-state rivalry? we haven't beaten iowa state 2 times in a row for like 7 years. overall, ISU does not have the physical ability to beat the hawkeyes and certainly will not be able to outcoach the hawks. it is really nice that Iowa has these three tune up games before playing michigan. yes, ASU is a tune up game. trust me. iowa is going to physically beat the crap out of people on the defensive front this year. for iowa to get beat, it will take turnovers and some real good offensive schemes. that being said, for the third year in a row, Purdue will be our toughest test. Michigan will be tough, but going against miami's d-line versus iowa's d-line is night and day. We need to see more downfield passing. hopefuly we were saving this. just my thoughts.

go hawks !!!!!!!!

Halz!!!! You da man!!!

Let me start off by mentioning my favorite Hawkeye - Chad Greenway. I liken him to "Brian Urlacher Lite", and not just because he's as white as a sheet of paper. Just when you think a RB is gonna turn the corner on the Hawkeye D #18 comes flying through the picture and makes a text book tackle. He had 2 picks last week, returning 1 for a TD and nearly returning the other one.

The beauty of the D is that the front 4 can create pressure on their own. Matt Roth is a maniac. I agree, the Kent St. receivers did drop several balls. But I'm willing to overlook that right now.

Halz, you didn't mention that we played that game last Saturday with our #3 QB for the entire 2nd half & our #3 RB for virtually the entire game. As for your concern with the O-Line - Ferentz is the #1 O-Line coach in the nation. Those guys will gel and get some good continuity soon.

Purdue will be tough. Very solid team. Michigan & Ohio State are always tough. But the way the Hawks are set up, they should be in striking distance in the 4th quarter of every game this year as long as Tate doesn't make stupid mistakes.

And I think the Hawks will cover the spread.

1: Greenway was named national and big 10 player of the week.

2: The Hawks have the second best record of covering the spread over the past 2 years. Just behind USC.

3: Everytime I have worried about something the last 2 years, KF has settled me down and won a big game.

Now I am just waiting for Warfrog to come on blabbing about the Huskers.

I am not really that worried about Iowa State this weekend, but I have said that in the past and paid a price. Another thing to put into perspective is that the last time Iowa beat Iowa State in Iowa City, Tim Dwight was in his junior year of college. No matter what I think that Iowa needs to play well to send a message to ASU that they are going to come into Tempe and bully them around for 3 hours. I have high hopes that Tate will continue to improve and a reciving corps will start to rise to the top. Malloy, Solomon, and Hinkle had flashes and I am excited to get the tight end back into the mix. Where is Calvin Davis? Hopefully it will be a route and the Clones can go back to being a "Drinking school with a football problem."

Go Hawks

Hmmm...well on a weekend where Michigan & Nebraska lose & OSU is taken to the brink I'll take a victory. ISU's Defense was tough. Why does Jermelle Lewis look like he hits the hole just as it's closing? I think Young is a better back than Lewis as of right now. ISU also did well by not turning the ball over and letting the Hawks run up the score at all. Overall I was never really worried about the Hawks losing but these are the types of games we should put away at halftime.

play calling was the reason the game was so close. the hawks coach never tried to open up the game. ISU had 9 guys in the box and we still ran it right up the middle. the only time I saw a play action pass they got 20+ yards out of it. they should have thrown the ball more to open up the run but they didn't.

I really think that Iowa did not want to open up too much so that ASU and Michigan got to see too much of the offense. We all know that play action has been the bread and butter of this team over the past few years and we have seen very little. There have not been deep balls thrown and we have not seen any of the signature plays suach as the jailbreak screen or the deep crossing tight end. For that matter, i think that Chandler could be a real weapon for the Hawks especially out of thier double tight end sets and when they use him as an H back. I also like Jermelle getting into the passing game. We have not seen our backs do much recieving over the recent years.

Another aspect you have to look at is that this was ISU's game of the year they were going to take chances and bring the house as much as possible to try and disrupt the offense and make big plays. Ferentz just wanted to keep things simple, hold onto the lead, and quietly head to Tempe this Saturday.

Things that worry me:

  1. Bradley's 33 yard punting average.

  2. Kick off coverage.

  3. Norm Parker being sick, thank god we do not run a complex defense.

  4. ASU offense, although not really becuase I feel that Iowa will bully them in the trenches and as Iowa often does the D Line will wear out the O-Line. 3rd quarter domination.

I will post more later throughout the week.

dons black and gold garb and jumps on wagon with halzy and hawk

huskers? they suck! go hawks!

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whats up next for the sqauwks?

Hee Hee! They will be in "backyard" this weekend. They play the Sun Devils. Who is their coach and their stars?

JM - Brotha, you gotta be kidding me? You don't know the Iowa coach? The stars, maybe I can see, but the coach who has been rumored of going to the nfl? C'mon.

Hayden Frye, I believe. But shit changes so much these days. Bball lost the Doc, right?

First of all - things aren't too good in Hawkland this week. The #2 & #3 running backs both have torn ligaments in their knees. I'm worried about that.

JM - Coach is Kirk Ferentz, fool. Some of the star players would be DE Matt Roth, LB Abdul Hodge, LB Chad Greenway, DT Jonathon Babinoux, RB Jermelle Lewis, QB Drew Tate, WR Ed Hinkle.

No clue.

Warfrog just because Nebraska is having troubles with the midwest coast offense does not mean it is time to give up. Look at what Ty Willingham and Bob Davie did at Notre Dame after getting rid of the option. They have successfully put together a chain of mediorce seasons coupled with a big win now and again. Just look forward to that next big win. BTW, I think it could be a good game against the Cyclones in Ames this year. Are you making the roadie?

I just read that Albert Young is out for the season with his knee. Warfrog it looks like ex-husker Marquese Simmons (sp?) is now the Hawks #2. Good time to slowly crawl, with some breaks of course, upon the bandwagon.

are you kidding, i am a loyal husker fan, in fact i bleed red...well you know what i mean.