The help Dougie thread

Dougie needs help coming up with a cool nickname. He thought it would be cheap if he did it so here it goes.

I like Dougie "the oatmeal bandit"

He will throw you around on the mat like he throws the oatmeal on the canvas.


...wait...why am I laughing?


I guess we'll chalk this one up under, "Ideas that might have been funny to us, but really weren't to everyone else."


I pissed my pants 3 times since this thread started!

Don't worry, I have a book on audio tape just for you. It helped me a lot.

"Bed Wetting. Beat It Through Self-Hypnosis."

I'll lend it to you.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

"Oatmeal Bandit"

**throwing Oatmeal at Hulk**