The hidden posts thing is going to be a major problem

Dude, probabbly 30% of them are @Chris, he’s not going to ban people for that :grin:


There’s a subconscious reason you named yourself “cuck” which speaks to how you perceive yourself. You’re cucked in real life and on the forum so of course you want a cancel button. You’re not bright enough to argue issues and get cucked on every thread.

Fix what’s broken in you and you won’t feel the need to cancel other people’s posts.

I say that with sincerity by the way. Hope you get the help you need.

@BarkLikeADog are you ever going to start quoting like a normal person?

I like the idea of letting someone who is clearly an issue being reviewed by the mods instead of a vote down system. Seems more selective.

People who are active will be sure to message mods when things are out of control. Especially when they have no flag or vote down option like in the old days.


thanks for your insight dr Phil

He sounds like he really cares.

His writing style sounds familiar. I don’t want to out this troll unless I can pinpoint it.

Happy to help friend.

I bet you help all the guys out