The Hitman Choke lol!

This must've been posted before, but i've never seen it. Credit to the HG for posting this!

That was awesome. Finally a function for the belt :)




LOL!!!! WTF!!!

he said why!!! lol. you can use the collar and sleeves why not the belt!! lol




hope that dude posts here

Can you use your own gi to choke someone in bjj? I believe you could in judo?

Oh, and, uh, lol!

 I saw somthing like that in a Rodeo once, and in a BellaDonna video 3x...

FrankieBitchTits - 

I'm starting to think I've been here too long... that video is older than Kirik's wet suit.



 Glad Im not the only one who recognized it as a CLASSSSSSSSSSSSIC.

 ^^^ Thats not a classic... According to recent UG standards, I flipped on a guys head just last week.




 I thought he wass going to tuck his foot in the belt to keep the scissor hold tight...LOL at what he actually did

TTT for more to see

Oldie but a goodie.

That should be followed up by the "Kneebah" video as well as the dude shitting himself at GQ.