The Homosexual (Dangerousdoug crazy true story)

I went to a homosexual man’s house one afternoon not long ago. The exact reason why I was there is not pertinent to the story. All you need to know was that the man’s a homosexual and I was at his house.
However, upon entering the homosexual man’s house, he attacked me, right in his front foyer. But he didn’t attack me in a homosexual rape-type way - it was a standard physically violent attack.
But because the man was a homosexual, he was physically rather quite weak so he posed very little threat to me. The homosexual man initially charged at me, with a crazed look in his eyes. However, I threw him aside quite easily, but the bastard wouldn’t stop!
I’d throw him down to the ground, I’d trip him, I’d toss him, trying not to overly hurt the man, who, like I said, was a homosexual, but he’d just get up at run at me again and again in the same fashion.
So, I started to beat on him a little, to dissuade him from pursuing to attack me further. He charged me, but instead of merely tossing him aside, I’d grab a hold of him, frame away with my arm to create some space, and then strike him in the face with my closed fist.
The first time I did this, the homosexual man himself was stunned, as it was a different response than before. A cut formed on the homosexual man’s lip after I hit him the first time. He paused, touched his bloody lip, and looked down at the blood on his hand, astonished that I had done that, but after all, he shouldn’t be too surprised, as the bastard attacked me as soon as I entered his domicile!
Nevertheless, after the moment’s pause, he continued the attack.
But this time, I continued to strike him when he attacked me, not overly hard as to knock him unconscious, as, previously mentioned, the man was indeed a homosexual, but just enough to dissuade him further. This went on for several minutes and eventually, the homosexual man was a bloody mess!
He again paused for a moment, and wiped the blood from his eyes, then looked around his front foyer, where this violent encounter was taking place.
The homosexual man then picked up a candle stick from his front hall table, raised it over his head like a crazed lunatic, and then proceeded to attack me with it!
This time I had to respond most violently - the most violent moment of our encounter, after all, the man was a crazed homosexual, there’s no telling what he would do or what he was capable with had he gained the upper hand in our bizarre battle. Or even what his motive was for attacking me to begin with.
When he attacked me with the candle stick that was raised above his head, I grabbed his arm that was holding the candle stick so he couldn’t strike me with it, then I struck him with my knee him very hard in the groin several times.
The first knee to the balls bent him over and he nearly fell down once again, and he would have, had I not been holding up his arms still from the candle stick. He crumpled towards the nearby wall and let out a terrible yelp, yet I kneed him again and again hard to the balls and groin area, but surely a few missed their target and hit him in the thighs and hip area as well as his pelvis and lower abdomen. I once kneed him so hard right to the balls that I was sure it lifted him right off the hard-wood floor ever so slightly.
Eventually, I relented and let go of his arms and allowed him to fall to the ground, but I made sure to hold on to the candle stick that he previously attacked me with.
The homosexual man curled him into the fetal position, holding his battered testicles, still uttering a low-pitched groan, obviously, in a great deal of pain, very likely having ruptured testicles or severe injury to his nether regions.
Upon being satisfied with the state of things and how the fight proceeded, and sensing it was finally finished, I simply, and very kindly mind you, after all that had occurred, returned the homosexual man’s candle stick to his front foyer table. I took one final pitied look at the beaten homosexual man, lying on the floor there still in the fetal position, before turning around, opening his front door behind me that was closed during the attack and left the homosexual man’s house and closed the door behind me.
I never found out why the homosexual man attacked me nor did I care to as I don’t think it’s pertinent to the story. All I know was that the man was indeed a homosexual and he attacked me.


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Doug, you sure you don’t have the gay?

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You have AIDS now

FRAT :unamused:

You should try reading it. It reads like a john wick scene. if he was attacked by a gay guy that he didnt want to hurt.

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You know, you f*cking ruin the name “Doug.”

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You may be the gayest member on here Doug and that’s a well contested title, you should be proud.

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YOu can think whatever you want. The truth is that I keep writing this genre of stories because they get the most views and the most comments. For instance, yesterday I also bumped two of my best stories - one called the m banks gangster, probably my best 1, about when I was in grade 5 I took over my class’s economy with gangsterism and hilarity ensued. ANother one, zog the immortal, about an alternate dimension where humans are enslaved and at the mercy of a giant, godlike alien hovering above them always watching them in space and he demands sacrifices every so often. Nobody clicked on them lol and nobody commented, yet many ppl clicked on the homosexual and several commented so… more gay stories coming up! Because thats clearly what you fags want.

I hope you left him a little of the meth

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Most likely it was the teeth scraping that caused him to become violent.

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How did you know he doesn’t identify as a woman? I think you may be a woman beater now.

Homosex is something that happens accidentally sometimes. At first you go for the taint, but then somehow you miss and WOOPS

more like Down Low Doug

@Dangerousdoug , you should write a novel documenting your adventures in badassery!