The HR or strikeout is killing baseball

When is the last time we saw a lead off hitter bunt for a hit. When is the last time we saw a guy with 60 SB. MLB is killing the game


Fucking Bill James.

It died a long time ago

The modern game is definitely boring as fuck, and almost entirely devoid of strategy.

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already 5 no hitters this year too. that seems like far more than usual.

Isnt it 6 now after last night?

Last year the dyslexics at MLB thought it was ok to plaster BLM everywhere, ruining the already shitty watching experience for half the country.

I know people that follow their team but I don’t know very many people that watch games anymore on tv… fuck the Matter Lives Black league.


It’s been really bad this year. I’m a big baseball fan, and it’s harder for me to watch this year. MLB is testing several strategies in MiLB this year, like moving the mound back, & lowering the mound, to help hitters. Something will be done.

Sure. Bunts are exciting.

there was another last night?!

see!?!?!! WTF!!!???


I love dingers too much to care

Tell the hitters to adjust

You are saying Ichiro wasn’t exciting? Vince Coleman flying around the bases wasn’t exciting?


I remember an article from years back with Mark McGuire saying that fans dont want to see him hit 3-4 with a couple singles and a double. they want him to go 1-5 with a dinger.

and I feel that the casuals love the home runs, the fans of the game would rather small ball mixed in.

it is going to stay this way until somebody puts a team together that wins with a different strategy and a lineup that is more of an old school approach, that produces more men on base, but less Ks and less HRs.

and if no one can do that, well, then this strategy will remain the right one when it comes to winning.


I’m just saying bunting isn’t exciting.

But, to be fair, I’ve never found the sport, in general, to be “exciting”

I am as casual a fan that you can be. Watching a game on TV is relaxing. Not one aspect is exciting to me. Except for, in person, the crack of the bat on a home run hit

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right, i think the “its boring now!” contingent are reaching. 3 more singles across a 9 inning game over 3 hours isn’t turning a boring game into an exciting one. a no hitter in the 8th is exciting. bombs are exciting.

baseball in person is awesome. i love the baseball post season regardless of HR/Ks.

unless you are a big fan of a particular team, regular season baseball on tv is kind of boring no matter what, and is just something to have on.