The Hunt for the Best 185 Pounder

The Middleweight division is probably the best one out there. Who deserves the number one spot as the best 185 pounder out there ?

I'll start this thread with my own choice :

Jeremy Horn

Horn needs to fight a top 185er b4 u can say he's the best 185er in the world.

This is a very easy question: Bustamante

spg has submitted the correct twice in one fight.

Horn fought at heavyweight and Light Heavyweight all of his career. He's a force to be reckoned with at 185 pounds. He dismanteled The Crow this weekend in 55 seconds. He made his statement and we'll see him in UFC soon at this weight.


How can you say Bustamente when he just lost against Hendo ?

I may be the only person on earth that thinks that now that Bustmante is fighting at 205, he should go back to UFC and sub Randy. I think Busta's boxing technique is sharper than anyone Randy's fought, and if it goes to the ground Randy will be in trouble.

UFC really needs some LHW sub guys.


the busta hendo fight did not have a 185 limit, so id still have to go with busta, then horn, then lindland

How can you say Bustamente when he just lost against Hendo ?

U must be mistaking me with someone else, I never mentioned Bustamante in this thread (until now).

Henderson with Busta as n 2

You totaly right elgringo,

I was reading your post and the next one. So basically, it was a reply for spg.

Sorry !!!

The best potential MW?

Yuki Kondo.

If he would fight at his own weight class he would be unstoppable. Fighting a weightclass up he has KO'd Sanae Kikuta, TKO'd Mario Sperry, TKO'd Cafe Dantas and KO'd Saulo Riberio. Also went 3 rounds with former UFC HW champ Josh Barnett.


Busta lost to another of the best MW's.

Henderson has beaten better opponents than Busta.


"its still busta...people who think just because he lost to hendo he is not....well, since lennox lewis lost to rock and oliver mccall did that mean he wasnt the best in his division? "

Well the difference is that Lewis came back and won against those ppl.. busta has yet to do this.

However I do agree that busta is the best 185 fighter, Hendo did not beat him at that weight.. untill they do u can't count that as a fight at 185 IMO.

Hendo can make the Middleweight division though !!!

And he's number two in my list. Hendo I mean with Bustamente number three.

BS. Jeremy Horn got schooled by Tamura. tamura deserves that more.

But if you go by weight. Yuki Kondo or Dan Henderson are tops at 185.

Horn is not the same fighter at 185 pounds. He's quicker and in shape. He'll make his statements at UFC very shortly, for a belt, I mean.

Eventually, when fighters stick to there natural or best weight class, we'll have a better picture, that's for sure.