THE ideal situation!

 Through a strange twist of events and fate, Bisping gets a title shot and defeats Anderson. Then, he moves up and faces Rashad. As Mazzagati yells "bring it on, come on."  the two stare into each other's eyes and begin to caress each other's cheeks Slowly, and painfully, they begin to kiss. Aroused by their man-love, Sonnen hops into the  ring, pins them both, and begins to assrape them in display of superior homoerotic wrestling. Having enough, Hendo stands up, draped in an American flag, removes his hat, rears backhis fist, and soars into the ring. As the Hbomb makes contact, the Octagon incenirates into a fireball of atomic fusion, preventing the antichrist of MMA from being born from the Sonnen, Rashad, and Bisping union. Hendo perishes in the process sacrificing himself for the good of the sport and is remembered forever as the GOAT.

ahh, you wacky 10ers-where would the UG be without you?

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This is what happens when stores are selling things like bath salts. Phone Post

 Yay! Bath salts!


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