The it’s never too early for fall/Halloween thread

What the figs gonna look like?

Like out of a 25 cent machine lol


Got another thing and total came to 6.66

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Why not both

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I dig em.

My wife bought Pumpkin Spice Cheerios

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Ex-wife you mean?

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The pumpkin beers have hit the shelves…way too early for me.

I’m still enjoying the summer beers, not ready for fall shit yet

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im still in IPA season. Almost wheat beer time.

Shipyard sucks ass

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I didn’t necessarily say pumpkinhead, i said pumpkin beers
They are all out on the shelves now

It’s been an Allagash White summer for me.

With occasional fill ins from Bissel or Lone Pine or Foundation

I’m officially off stouts and porters, feel like im drinking an entire loaf of bread

Allagash moving to Scarborough in 2024

what was the mystery flavor?



It’s like lemon sweet tart taste. Pepsi delivery guy said it’s same flavor every year lol

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amc released fear fest. i love watching that all october.

trick r treat


Haven’t had that in ten years, I think it was horrible then. You are correct.

All shipyard sucks imo. You know beers grit, Maineust be loaded right now.

I loved becks dark, lagunitas, dogfish head. Moved on to light saber, Bruce banner, garlic breath (fucking awesome pot).

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