The it’s never too early for fall/Halloween thread

I saw Froot Loops like this too

Yup Target had them all

Already saw a young suburban family, husband, wife, 2 little kids all in matching flannel at some farm I stopped at the other day visiting parents in NY state

Nothing like driving out to the country, wearing flannel in 80° weather and picking apples in September

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Oh I’ll be going to the apple stand this weekend

Went to get two white pumpkins cause the wife just had to have them for decorating about a week ago and fuck it was too hot.

Definitely did not feel like fall apple/pumpkin picking weather





I couldn’t resist.


If there can be pride flags at trunk or treat, this case would also be acceptable, right?

I’m gonna ask a school board person tonight.

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Good question.

What would do is put a pride flag behind the foam. Cant complain…

Are you supporting Pride or is it the Target?

You are right though, almost certainly triggering for some people.

It not a gun, not even a fake gun, it a silhouette of a gun…aaaaaaaagggggghhhhh