"The Jackpocalypse"

Let me break this down to you in consonants and vowels
When Islam beats Oliveira, I’ll have you emptying your bowels

The Jackpocalypse is coming, whether you’re ready or not
Is this tomato can with 8 losses all that you brought?

Sure hope not,
cuz I’ll put a bullet in the UG, and let that fucker rot

Merridew Stans, fucking ex Conor fans
Were you born with no balls or are you just fucking trans?

Hiding behind other fighters and scurrying like rats,
sadly the life story of @Conorwinstherematch

Read this over again, because that’s what I said
while all your hope lies, in the Brazilian Mr. Ed


You have no chance, you’re all DEAD

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/thread :poop:

Mister Ed (TV Series 1961–1966) - IMDb


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Will somebody please step up to bat?
Where my fucking “competition” at?

What’s the matter, ya’ll got nothing to say?
fleeing the scene, slower than @JohnMorganMMA

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Islam will not be a the top for long


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Tell me you’re joking
What the fuck you smoking?

It must have been a lot.

Is that the best you got?

Islam already beat this fool the last time they fought

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Ang rap singer man ay isang bading na batang lalaki

Fuck you’re the island boys of MMA.com


Just go away.


Ill allow it because you took a shot at @ConorWinsTheRematch. You are probably him but whatever.


You realise it’s incredibly unrealistic,
for you to think anyone who can rap this well is also autistic

This comment has already been disregarded
Don’t get me started
How dare you accuse me of being someone who’s mentally retarded?

And who the fuck are you? Telling the king to go away
You motherfucking throwaway

I had to check to see that you’ve been a member here for 4 years
You’re even invisible among your non-existent peers

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I must be the only one here who likes Jack and his posts :joy:

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I know they sound weak-but
I’ll let you in on a little sec-ret

they all like my posts, they’re in love with my roasts
these little bitches are stuck to me like butter on toast

the difference is they’re too pussy to admit it
their smashed ego’s and pride fucking forbid it

like bitter old men complaining about the news
yet they’re glued to my content like an addiction to booze

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At least he waited until pride month to drop this super gay shit.


I don’t hate all rappers but everyone I hate seems to rap.


You might be


Shittest poster on the website. I don’t know why I click this cunts threads. I’m probably second worse.