The Jungle now open !!!

1419 East Colonial Drive

orlando, Fl 32803

Seth Petruzelli, Tom Lawlor and myself have opened up the Jungle MMA home of the Iron Monkey Squad (beat that name!)

Over 7,000 square feet.  Full size cage, boxing ring 2,000 square feet of mats, showers and stripper poles.  Well no stripper poles yet but well be working on that.

Offering BJJ, no gi grappling, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, women and conditioning classes through out the day Monday through Saturday.   Right now there is a lot of wet paint and dust but things are up running.  We are putting the finishing touches on the place now to make it pretty as I type and crack the whip on young thai boys we brought over for cheap labor.

We have three guys fighting November 29 in Daytona, Tom fighting in UFC December 13 and Seth coming off the Kimbo victory.  A great start for the new team!

 Congrats guys. 

Thank you.

I like.


Thanks and TTT! 


 Thanks guys and Randy you better get your tan Hawaiian butt in here.

If the school is as awesome as the instructors, it will be one of the best. Best of luck to you guys. Mike, drop me a line when you get a chance.

Congrats to Clayton and Jason on their wins last night.

what are the other local results?

 Best of luck guys. Sounds like a great team.  From Tommy WFC