The Karbala?

Can someone explain to me exactly what the Karbala is and what its beliefs are about?

I think it's a holy city in Iraq. It's holy because of a famous battle that took place there a long time ago.

I heard a snippet about it on the news a while ago. I wonder if we bombed it?

Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) or Karbala (the aforementioned city)?

Kabbalah, sorry for the spelling

check the saved threads...should be one archived on kabbalah...its not really religion per say.

check the saved threads, post qs here.

After reading the archived thread i cant understand, why is the kabbalah considered so dangerous? Is it that people without a solid background in Judaism and its tradiotions will misunderstand its teachings and therefore come away with a warped understanding of its teachings, and God in general?

Or do people actually believe that the Kabbalah has some mystical power that you have to be experienced to control?

I find the second idea to be highly suspect, could someone explain this to me?

Well Torah study is required, thats for certain. To what degree depends on whom you talk to. I am a novice when it comes to knowledge of the tools contained within kabbalah, though I do think it is biblically rooted, and I do think that there is something to be gained from it.

People do believe that God has different energies we can access with God, when accessing them, one needs to be prepared. Compare it to a welding torch. If I just see the light of the torch in the room while I walk by and pay no attention, its not a big deal. But if I stand by the torch, and the arc is going for a few minutes without a welding mask, I could burn my retinas and be in really awful pain for a while, because I failed to prepare when approaching the light. Spiritually, you could become "burned" if you aren't prepared when you enter the light, and the conseqeunces could be quite undesirable.

Again, I know very little, but thats how I understand it.

I am sure that MS will respond with a better answer, but I hope this helps.

1- Most people can't handle the truth about the nature of everything.

2- Without a soliding grounding in Torah and Mishnah, you can not understand most Kab. texts.

3- Without the discipline of prayer and meditation, you may become lost along the way.

4- Should you summon something you didn't want (or even that you wanted) and you can not control it, it will take something of you.

5- The holy energy of G-d is not a toy.



don't some Jewish people consider Kabbalah to be a cult? And if this is so, what is there major complaint?

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Only among the "intellectuals". Just the enlightenment in Europe killed Christian mysticsim in the mainstream, it did so too for Judaism. However, the Baal Shem Tov who lived in the first half of the 1700s, revived Jewish meditation and Kabbalah for the mainstream. It was only the beginner techs. since the advanced stuff still bore the stigma from the false messiahs, it was reserved for Rabbis and the like. The Chassidic and esp. Chabad movements have been at the forefront of moving Kab. into everyone's life.



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Shabtai Zvi

Bar Kochba

There are others but these are the most well known.