The Key to Mayhem-Trigg

At last, I've figured it out. Follow the logic carefully, monkey-brains:

  1. Mayhem is the greatest fighter in the world.

  2. Trigg is washed-up gay porn model.

  3. The greatest fighter in the world would never lose a real fight to a washed-up gay porn model.

  4. Mayhem is a master of BJJ.

  5. As everyone knows, BJJ is gay.

  6. Mayhem's fight style is professional wrestling.

  7. Professional wrestling fights are works.

  8. In this fight, BJJ master Mayhem took repeated "blows to the head" from gay porn model Frank Trigg.

  9. Therefore: the fight was a work.


You must be smoking crack big crackhead!

Further proof that Mayhem threw the fight!

He confesses that he could have won if he wanted:

  • "I had my chance to seal the deal"

He reveals that his injuries were faked:

  • "Don't worry about me, the worst damage I took was to my ego."

He explains how he played it like a pro wrestler:

  • "I didn't get kayoed and almost did the Ken Shamrock "WTF?" when the ref stopped it"

And at last, he admits to everything:

  • "I threw my gameplan out the window, and fought stupid and [got] paid for it."

Your logic is impeccable, crackhead.


I think he made the same mistake that rich franklin and matt hughes made, just letting the fight go wherever the challenger dictated, rather then employing a specific strategy to suit him best

Yes, ban Mayhem!

Mix6APlix has head-kicked the correct.

actually the true story is that Trigg was supposed to throw the fight. Then just before he got RNC'd, he changed his mind--Mayhem was totally shocked and also not in shape because he hadn't trained (knowing he was supposed to win via RNC), thus getting beat.

fucking losers

LOL@BS. Or a more a slight titter...

Trigg seems to have really improved his game. Damn impressive.