The Larry thing

For the information of all.

I have some issues with Larry that we are now discussing amicably and privately.

Certain issues and statements relayed to me recently led me post a knee jerk statement less then flattering re. larry.

We have discussed this privately and the matter is at rest between us both.


like it should be

i dont think anyone would have anythign to live for if everyone wasnt posting there should be behind close doors convos

Your all class Justin and this from the guy who keeps telling us how he is the biggest and best MMA promotor in Australia...We all look up to your standard of professionalism. Not

Keats you are a FUCKTARD!!!

pull your head in, get in the ring(unless you already have?)

then maybe I might actually think you have a small idea of what you are talkin about.


Dude ,

i think he has got in the ring

I too would not be suprised that he (keats) has got it in the ring ;)


So since i have been in the ring does this mean i don't have to pull my head in?

How many fights have you had XFC web site says one and i am pretty sure i heard you have had one other. WOW that makes 2 fights...You must be good.

Now i'm just shaking and i better do what you say because you have been in the ring all of 2 times.

Might want to find about about someones back ground before you start slagging off about them getting in the ring

You Sir are a DICKHEAD (fuck never thought i would use something Justin had said) :)

good call Justin!

I didn't slagg you off re: your ability to mix it up in the ring

simply the fact that you are a fucktard.

Justin, can you fix my profile on you site?

I thought you told me to pull my head in and get in the ring unless i already have.
So your the one who wants to bring into this my being in the ring or not being in the ring.

Yes Justin don't forget the Matt (Spank my self) Knight has had 2 fights.

rephrase: have you got in the MMA ring? if so, where?

no i haven't got in the mma ring

and please explain what any ring experiance has got to do with speaking on a forum about my opinion about the way a promotor treats other fighters?

have you any experience with the way XFC treats fighters?

and thats FIRST HAND experience. not he/she said this happened.

Please show me when i have questioned the way Justin treats fighters on his cards (for someone who has only had 2 fights you seem pretty punch drunk). I have never ever questioned the way Justin has treated any of the fighters on his shows, infact i have heard from many about how well they are treated.

Read my post again (you can even take your time and get your mum to read it to you if that is easier for you)then read the other post where Justin just came out and slagged off about Larry (Since that post even Justin has said he over reacted and him and Larry are talking about their issues privately).

So even Justin knew he maybe went a bit far this time so go fuck yourself. So if you want to start calling people names please just work out what their post is about before you totally miss the point again.

Keyboard warrior is not my style,

instead off to trainin, later

Matt (I'll give you a spankin!) Knight

Fire up matty !

span that ass ! spank it !

cool glad thats all over good luck with your training Matt.

Keats you obviously know that Matt KNIGHT is the guy that fought Kym on the last shooto card on a handfull of days notice?

Perhaps you could approach the promoter and see if you could make MMA debut v matt knight? better yet how about a Matt V Matt match?


Not really interested in fighting MMA at this stage as i dont really train in grappling or anything much at this stage but thatnks heaps for the offer Justin.

If Matt whats to fight me over a statement he has taken totally the wrong way then thats up to him. Then he can make the offer if he feels so strongly about it.

Or we could do one of your contracts where Matt can fight Matt and i can fight you!

Larry is a beautiful Greek Swan.Let him enjoy his Autumn years in peace and tranquility.