The Last of Us

The new trailer at the VGAs gave me mega wood. Was this the first time the release date was announced?
I know where I'll be on May 7th. I should go ahead and put in a vacation request at work for that whole week!
I haven't been this intrigued by a game since I saw trailers for Red Dead Redemption.
I hope it turns out as well as that did, or even better. Phone Post

I'm am super pumped as well ... Game looks solid as fuck Phone Post

This game looks amazing, I might have to buy a PS3 

Definitely getting this Phone Post

I think I peed a little. 


that shit is unbelievably awesome. 


I know virtually nothing about this game other than the apparent post-apocalyptal theme.
Hope it comes out on PC too, lots of talk about it.
Anybody else recognize the picture on that youtube-video from somewhere?
Found it! Cool pic for background etc: