The Last Samurai

I know this is two weeks old but I finallly got to see this movie this afternoon.I would advise anyone who hasn't done it yet to check it out.Not because of the halfassed kneebar that the Japanese guy pulls off on Tom Cruise but because of teh movie itself.

This is a great movie in so many different ways from a moral standpoint and because of the awesome battle scenes.Great swordplay in this one and also finally a realistic look at the real ways of the Ninja,not the hollywood folklore

If you don't see this movie you are truly missing out

I take it you've already seen it?

Yes, I saw it the day it opened... it was a good flick

AWESOME flick. A must see for any serious martial artist of any style, in my opinion.

Great depiction of Samurai life, a realistic Ninja attack, and just a good overall story to boot.

- Adam

Hadn't seen it, but I will.

Looks good!

"Not because of the halfassed kneebar that the Japanese guy pulls off "


U mean to tell me some idiot is trying to kneebar some dude in da middle of a war/battle ???!!

No,Tom Cruise is living with the japanese Samurai and is training with one of them.He gets frustrated and tries to grab the guy and he grabs Cruise by the leg and pulls him to the ground and kneebars him

just saw it tonight and really enjoyed it.

i thought that was a heelhook attempt:)

what was half-assed about the kneebar, they were screwing around ;o)

A real question though...why did Watanabe/Katsumoto not have a top knot?

There were monks back in the day who were fully trained (ie. armour, swords, bow, spear, horseback, etc.). However, they were NOT samurai. All Samurai had top knots (even guys balding, you just have a bad hair-doo then as the top knot looks funny on some sumo wrestlers right now ;o).

So why didn't Katsumoto have one? He was from a samurai family, and they even make a scene out of his son having it cut off (not much of a spoiler, don't worry).

A good movie, much better than Dances With Wolves IMO.

hello Miller?

sorry,I've been gone all weekend(actually have a life away from here),what was the question again?

TTT to the last samurai !!!
Is a good movie...

It's just coming out here in HK. I really want to see it.

Mount Fuji can be seen from the Tokyo Metropolitan Buildings (80 floors up, but further than Yokohama) on a non-cloudy day (cloudy when I went). But that is 80 floors that is an interesting point.

Apparently some monks did have training similar to the samurais, but they weren't Samurais. Whereas Watanabe is a samurai in the movie, so why no top knot?

Wow. I'm surprised how many people liked it. I really thought it was lame. I am a fan of the historical epic/epoch?, martial arts movies, samurai lore and even most Tom Cruise movies. Everything from dialogue to acting and storyline seemed to be off. I will say that visually it was impressive at times. The best Samurai movie I've ever seen was from 91 and was called "Heaven and Earth" or in Japan "Ten to Chi to". You can rent if you don't mind subtitles.