The Last Water Bender (vid)

Pretty cool skillz~


Ewww, he's gonna make himself sick.

There used to be an entertainer back in the 40's or something that could do that. He used to drink water, and then drink some kerosene or gasoline or something like that on top of it. He would then "spit" on a candle and because the kerosene/gas would layer on top of the water in his stomach, it would come out first. The kerosene would cause a fire b/c of the flame on the candle, he would then put out the fire by continuing to "spit" water on it

reminds me of this guy.

In Phone Post 3.0

zetti - That's disgusting.

Phone Post


I gagged when I saw the guy swallow the pool ball in the second video. Don't care if it was real or not, I gagged watching it