The Lateral Drop

My highest percentage takedown that has saved me more times than I can remember

Yup, that's a good one. Thanks for posting Phone Post

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Nice breakdown. I always wanted to be better at this throw, I'm gonna use these steps to work on it this week.

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I remember a GQ pro tournament where you hit this on nearly every opponent, often countering some form of leg grab takedown. Same tournament you upset Wilson Reis.

I had been training a ton of Greco leading up to that tournament and it paid off (although I also got launched with a fireman's carry in my first match) - I got lucky, my old coach was an Olympian, he actually beat Couture in Greco.  I'm always worried he's gonna see me teach a throw and point out all my mistakes.  

Thanks man this is definitely something i wanted to learn!! Phone Post

Do you pull down with the overhook arm too while you throw the underhook over or is it all underhook? Phone Post

The way I do the throw incorporates a back arch, which combined with the side ways twist will cause a pull on my opponent's arm - I mainly accomplish this with my torso rather than my arm though

Used to be my go to takedown. As soon as guys pushed me... I'd hit it. Phone Post

I hit this tonight so back to the top for a great instructional Phone Post

your idea of hitting this off stuffing their shot is money. i pull da gward 80% of the time and this feels almost like home to me.

So that's what it's called. I did that all the time - only throw I could get to work other than a tomonage. I learned the lateral drop in judo but I never caught the name of it. Phone Post

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I hit this tonight so back to the top for a great instructional Phone Post


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Love the drop and your video helped me tweek a couple points. Thanks, Brian. Phone Post

Ttt, this throw is so fun to hit. Phone Post