The Law of Destruction

The Spirit´s Book presents a Chapter entirely dedicated to Moral Laws, and one of them is the Law of Destruction.

I believe it is good food for thought.

A glimpse of it:

728. Is destruction a law of nature?

"It is necessary that all things should be destroyed that they may be re-born and regenerated; for what you call destruction is only a transformation, the aim of which is the renewing and amelioration of living beings."

- The instinct of destruction would seem, then, to have been given to living beings for providential purposes?

"God's creatures are the instruments which He uses for working out His ends. Living beings destroy each other for food; thus maintaining equilibrium in reproduction, which might otherwise become excessive, and also utilising the materials of their external envelopes. But it is only this envelope that is ever destroyed, and this envelope is only the accessory, and, not the essential part, of a thinking being; the essential part is the intelligent principle which is indestructible, and which is elaborated in the course of the various metamorphoses that it undergoes."

729. If destruction be necessary for the regeneration of beings, why does nature surround them with the means of self-preservation?

"In order that their destruction may not take place before the proper time. Destruction that occurs too soon retards the development of the intelligent principle. It is for this reason that God has given to each being the desire to live and to reproduce itself."

Where are you, guys?

Can´t you think of destruction as being one moral and/or natural law?

If you read the thread on morals on the philo. ground, you know I totally agree with this.

Indeed, MS, I started this topic because of that other thread.

There is a difference, though. The spirits claims that destruction belongs to the earlier stages of evolution, and that later there will be no necessity of such things to evolve.

Besides, argueing philosophy in a foreign language is quite hard for me.

That I understand. I believe that nature shows the highest level of morality and that in that sense, the deaths that occur are both natural and good.