The Law vs Murray......

Murray by KO or triangle

lol...ban this guy would be a good fight..i see this happening some point this year after murrya takes out another victim.

wait im sorry....

Mezger vs Murray...

happy now?!?!?!?!??!

wait a Mezger the next vitcim u are talking about?


Mezger is the only threat to Murray once he's on the top of the MW division...Mezger @ 185 would be scary


You'll lose money betting on Murray.

I wouldn't touch this one, but Murray needs to fight a couple more name opponents first. Try him vs. Baroni or him vs. Almeida? Maybe?

If he can beat one of them, then lets try Lindland.

Look, I like Lee Murray as much as the next guy, and I think he's great for the sport. But Murray needs to be matched up against strikers ONLY for quite a while. To think he would pose any threat to Lindland when Vitale, Salaverry, Almeida, and Miletich could not is ludicrous. Busta is in his own league, and Murray has a long way to go before we can say he can do what Busta can do.

Lindland by decision.

Murray doesn't have a good takedown defense. Unless he knocks Lindland out standing, I can see Lindland laying on him for the decision.

Guy Mezger is going 185?

never bet agianst an Olympic wrestler. Sure they may lose from time to time but they are alwasy in it.

Matt ducking this thread??

LMFAO @ Murray beating Lindland. Barring a fluke, not gonna happen.

How so?

Matt was hit hard by Baroni, but didnt go down, thats granted but Lee maybe more powerful and he just submitted his last opponent..


matt just better not get hit on the way to easy takedown and domination

Lindland already proved that he can take a shot from the 2 fights with Baroni. Baroni had enough wrestling to keep the fight up for a bit and land some shots. Murray will be put on his back much faster.

Busta knocked him silly though

I don't think Murray's stock is high enough to consider this match.

Lindland should be fighting for the belt already.

Matt will have every loser on here claiming they knew that Murray was overrated. Assholes.

"I really hope for Lindlands sake this fight doesn't happen. He will take a horrific beating. He reminds me with his striking of the fat girl who thinks she's skinny so she wears skinny girls clothes. The only person in NHB who is a worse striker is Royce."

You should drive out to Quest and tell Lindland that. Offer to give him some privates.