The left manufactured division during Trump as a setup for COVID

The only way that the COVID takeover was going to work for the neocons was if they made the general public foam at the mouth whenever party line talking points were being discussed. That way everyone would feel isolated and ostracized from society and the likelihood of civil coalitions forming against politicians become exponentially less likely.

There is no way this is just a coincidence.


nothing you said made any sense


Do you have a brain?

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Are you talking to yourself again?

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You sound like you are infinitely protecting your fragile ego from being hurt.

Okay, Dr. Phil.

Covid was global, I get you think it existed only in the USA, but it didn’t. There was crises over Covid in China, Italy, UK, before there was much of an issue in the USA at all. Were they all on board in this master conspiracy?

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Not everyone played along. Just those under the International Monetary Fund.

Nice to know who you look up to.

Happy Season 5 GIF by The Office

Who are these fine chaps? Haha. When was this photo taken?

I believe they are Afghans.

Taken roughly about a month or so ago.


Thank you.

Starts rant about divisive behaviour with “The left…”

Its called the NWO for a reason and america is one of the most powerful nations in the world and the New System cannot run with out it.

Trump was against all this shit and thy could NOT LET HIM stay in office if they wanted to get the New WORLD Order going.

Lol okay there :slight_smile:

It’s about managing geopolitical risks.