The left wants blacks compliant, and Kyrie had the nerve to try to break away

What did he even say? I don’t feel like looking it up.

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He tweeted an Amazon prime link to a 2018 movie titled “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America.” He didnt provide any context or comment, he just tweeted an Amazon prime tv link.


I think it was this one:

Democrats had them on plantations long ago and frankly still want blacks there


It will be!

I don’t know why you came off so butt hurt. Who is “They?” What are “They” for? Power? Influence? Money? You know what that sounds like??

Kyrie is all over the map and I largely agree with you.

Also, let’s take Lebron as a counter example. I would wager his promotion of “We are hunted every time we leave the house”, “Hands up don’t shoot” and the Treyvon hoax is more damaging to our society than anything Kyrie is popping off about.

Edited to say, Kyrie also peddled the same BS

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In lefty world, yes, that’s correct.

There is no grey area.

There is no dissent.

You’re either with them or against them on every issue.

This is why the left eventually eats their own.

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How dare you fuckin share that!!! Im reporting this forum to the ADL because coughsyrup is spreading anti semitism!!

Tick tick OG


Apparently this guy deleted his tweet and people are getting banned for reposting.

I’m assuming that this is a troll account, not a real person.


What complete, total, utter bullshit. You are a troll. Nothing more.


The past few weeks on the OG have been an eye-opening experience. Never knew this forum was littered with so many intolerant jewish supremacists.

It’s like a kosher stormfront.