The Leftovers HBO Show: Really well done garbage?

Its just a story where ambiguously magical stuff happens for no apparent reason and never gets explained as being real or being the delusions of an unreliable narrator.

Then they have a dream episode to make things even more weird and unexplained.

The direction and acting etc seems pretty good. But its honestly like the writers just put a bunch of ideas in a hat pull them out for each episode. It was billed with the idea "that the disappearing thing would not be explained but that it was about how do people react after an event" but this is sort of bullshit because magic or seemingly magic stuff continues to happen all the time.

In the end it's all just entertainment.   Who cares if the writers are just pulling ideas out of a hat.  Not everything I watch needs to have some deep meaning that is an allegory for our social and economic problems in the world.

Sometimes I just want to be entertained and not taught a life lesson about what the writers political points of view are.

John from Cincinnati, anyone?

I thoroughly enjoy it, but I also don't watch spoon-fed shows like CSI, etc..

wheeels - I thoroughly enjoy it, but I also don't watch spoon-fed shows like CSI, etc..

Everyone make room, we gotta real smart guy on our hands!

Lets not set up a false dichotomy between "Spoon fed CSI" shows and shows that have a bunch of ambiguity as if those are the only two choices.

My complaint is not that the story is not being spoon fed and easy to follow, but that there is no real story line at all, its just a bunch of rando stuff thrown together to create dramatic moments with a good soundtrack.