The Line on Marcelo Giudici

Marcelo Giudici and Tim Lajcik

by Tim Lajcik, posted May 5th, 2009 on his Blog on

"I agreed to train Marcelo Giudici in preparation for his May 8th bout against John Reedy as a favor to Marcelo's manager, an old acquaintance. On paper Marcelo is a long shot, a 42 year old who has never fought outside of Brazil, with only two bouts to his credit in the last decade.

Initially, Marcelo signed to fight at 145 pounds, his natural weight. But when his opponent backed out, the promoter offered Marcelo a take-it-or-leave-it contract to fight at 155 pounds against Reedy, a hometown favorite.

Young and strong, a relentlessly attacking wrestler with excellent kickboxing skills, Reedy's only losses have come against UFC veteran Brian Cobb. According to the latest betting line, a $100 wager on Marcelo to win will get you $230. In the fight business a 2-to-1 underdog is code for someone the promoter has brought in to take a beating and pad the favorite's record.

I'm not going to offer any predictions. Fights aren't decided on paper or in the hypothetical realm, they're decided in the ring with real flesh and bone colliding, wills being tested. Let me tell you a few things I've learned these past couple weeks training Marcelo, though. Foremost, he's a "fighter's fighter," respectful and humble in and out of the gym with a great training ethic, skill and competitive drive. He doesn't shrink from a challenge or hard work. As happens every now and then, this small "favor" I extended has yielded a far greater return to me. I needed to be around that kind of fighting spirit. With the recent explosion of MMA, the fight scene is replete with "fighters" who are more concerned with picking the perfect entrance music than doing the hard things required of a true fighter. Marcelo is a throwback. I'd be honored to be in his corner every time he fought.

If you are a young fighter, watch him and learn. If you are a spectator with a penchant for betting, keep your money in your pocket. There is no easy money to be had in this bout."



You are an excellent writer and thanks for all of your help!

Thanks Doug

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 This is one of the coolest stories of the year.

Kudos to Marcelo, Tim, and Christian and the PFC for giving him the chance.

 At first glance.....Marcelo looks like a miniature Sylvester Stallone in the pic.I`m picking this guy to win in an upset. 

 Giudici and Reedy will most likely be fight of the night

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 Marcelo Giudici and Tim Lajcik

I leave here my thanks to friends I made in America to support the reports and FANS...Thanks you!!!


OK this thread delivers! TTT for Marcelo, Tim and e'erbody else.

Good shit boys and good luck Marcelo.


I remember seeing Giudici in those old crazy ass Brazilian events. He was an animal. Loved his fights. Why did he semi-retire in the first place?

^yeah, he was throwing around and KOing guys that were twice his size.


Are you going to the show on Friday?

I loved Guidici's old fights - got several of them on video, he was one of the most entertaining and committed fighters I've ever seen. It's great to see he's fighting again, I'd love to see him win.

Good luck Marcelo!

Doug Wilson -  Ryan

Are you going to the show on Friday?

Unfortunately not. I'm still in SF finishing up school. I won't be back in Fresno for a few weeks. This card looks damn good, too. I'd like to see it, but I'll have to wait for the next one.

Put $400 on Giudici

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If the live lines don't show the customer service line. I was notified they are changing their site around and some functions aren't appearing.

* I am not encouraging anyone to bet....Just getting our sponsors info out there.

* We are excited to be able to give Marcelo an opportunity to showcase his skills on US soil..

Remember the live stream starts at 6PM (PST) tomorrow. The bouts begin at 6:30PM (PST)

Marcelo vs John Reedy is the 1st of 12 bouts tomorrow






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