haven't been on the forum much lately as i have been doing heaps of study but have always respected the majority of peoples opinions on here no matter how much they may differ :)
anyway i got to thinking the other day and thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of 'experts' in all the different fields of health and fitness.
people like poloquin and louis simmons with regards to strength training, paul check for his holistic approaches, stuart mcgill for spine care etc, etc

i don't want turn this into a shit fight about whats better or worse, just a simple list about what experts are out there.
now i know we have several 'experts' who post on here frequently but i'm looking for other experts. people who's work is tried and tested. people who have released/published comprehensive studies and literature that backs their claims (scientific studies). or perhaps their theories have been proved on top level athletes - olympic medalists and world champs.

i guess what i'm trying to say is a list of 'real experts'. not "oh i know of this guy who trained some cage fighter and he does this shit called caveman training and he's like one of the best trainer around" BORING.
give us the real deal.
here's my list albeit a short one:

Strength- louis simmons and westside barbell
- Charles Poloquin
anything by Vladimir Zatsiorsky/William Kraemer

Spine rehab/strengthening - Stuart Mcgill (not many better in my opinion)

Holistic training - Paul Check

Nutrition - Johnny Bowden ( author 'the 150 healthiest foods on earth')

Conditioning - Ross Enamait (
- Crossfit (love it or hate it, it's here to stay and hey is it really all that bad?)
-Timothy Noakes ( author of 'The Lore of Running')

PLEASE, PLEASE don't give us a list of bodybuilding tips and exercises, give us something different and also i would love to read about other experts who disagree with the above mentioned experts provided they are valid and proven.
Anything guys - books, websites etc

cheers dave

Here is a list of the people I look up to and will pay serious attention to anything they: write, blog, comment or put a video out.

Joe Defranco
Dave Tate
Louis Simmons
Jim Wendler
Dr. John Birardi
Mike Bolye
Eric Cressey
Mike Robertson
Dan John
Alwyn Cosgrove
Bill Hartman
Dr. Stuart Mcgill
Ross Enamait
Gray Cook

A bigger take on nutrition and food: Michael Pollan (Simple advice: Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly Plants.)

Nutrition: Edmund Burke (Main focus was cycling, he developed the 4:1 carb:protein post workout recovery needs)

Training: Tudor Bompa. His books are in-depth, to say the least. His gift to the training world is periodization, as in his book Periodization for Sports.

Running: Noakes, as already pointed out by Dave. And there is a NEW edition out of The Lore of Running!

Publishers: Human Kinetics. If I'm in a bookstore searching blindly on a subject (which rarely happens...but if it did!) and I see a book by Human Kinetics, then that's the one I'm likely to buy.

Charlie Francis - speed training

Joel Jamieson - combat sport related S And C

Athleticism: the guy who wrote Bigger, Faster, Stronger

Strength and mass: Charles Staley, John Christy, Stuart McRoberts, Mark Rippetoe, Bill Starr

Strength and conditioning, flexibility: Pavel Tsatsouline