"The Little Thai Fighters" Doco

Short doco on children training and fighting in Thailand.

Check it out!

Wow, those little girls can fight.


Crazy, those kids are tough especially the girl!! Great vid!!! Thx for sharing.

how the fuck do Thais lose to anyone foreign?


Its crazy how little kids can be that good and tough!

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 Damn that was sick. ttt

Makes me want to do a documentary on Muay Thai


 cool to see although it is sad that most of these kids fight muay thai to help their parents pay the bills.

Its like a no win situation for the kids - fight and most likely dont get an education - or dont fight and your family may go hungry!

Crazy that the kid has had 85 fights already which is way more than most pros could ever dream of in the US.

dope. if the right person sees this that little girl could very easily be a huge movie star.

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